Moogega Cooper

Planetary Protection Engineer
Dr. Moogega Cooper received her B.A. in Physics from Hampton University in 2006. She then enrolled in Drexel University where she received her Masters and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in thermal fluid sciences. Her dissertation studies involved non-equilibrium plasma sterilization of spacecraft materials. Dr. Cooper now works for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s (JPL) Planetary Protection Group.
Dr. Cooper's current projects include the Mars 2020 Mission where she is the Lead of Planetary Protection, and developing sterilization capabilities for future mission use.
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Sharing the Magic of Science

Dr. Cooper is dedicated to sharing her joy of science to children and adults around the world. She is extremely involved in various scientific outreach initiatives - mostly with K-12 students, but she also participates in sharing knowledge through shows like  "Because Space," "How the Universe Works," and "Bill Nye Saves the World." 


Feb 17, 2018

2:00 pm

Long Beach Comic Con Space Exp

Stop by to hear about the Mars 2020 mission and how Planetary Protection keeps Mars and our own planet safe against cross-contamination!

Oct 12, 2018

2:30 PM

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physical Sciences (WoPhyS '18)

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln is bringing together outstanding student researchers for a three-day conference from Thursday, November 9 - Saturday, November 11 2017. You are invited to take part in this unique opportunity to expand upon your current research experiences, interact with students from other universities, and attend scientific talks given by scientists who are leaders in their field.

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Dr. Moogega Cooper

Planetary Protection Engineer



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